So, later, I will make an extensive getting started guide, but for now, it's a blog.

Here's how stuff works.

Pretty much, like a TV Show wiki, we'll add information about characters, pairings, actors/actresses and episodes.

To make a character, we'll have a forum and stuff, but for now, you just make a page with your character, and then a page for their actor/actress, (who is also made up, btw).

To make a pairing, you obviously need to have an agreement with the other half of the pairing, but like, you just make that pairing page and blahblahblah.

The episodes, however, are a bit different.

Each week, a user, or two if they want to team up, can volunteer to write an episode summary, which is pretty much the episode for that week, if that makes sense.

Oreo and I will be writing the Pilot.

We will make a forum for the episode, and you add anything you especially want to be in the episode, then the writer can add it in (e.g. you want one of your characters to ask another one out, you want someone to die etc. etc.) You can only add requests for one of your characters unless you've agreed with another user, about something like a pairing. K?

Okay. I'll make a forum for Pilot.