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Character Pages

Should have the categories: Characters, Content, Main/Recurring Characters (whether they're protagonists or antagonists), Males/Females, and Students/Teachers.


Should have the categories: Actors/Actresses, Cast, Content, and Main/Recurring Cast.

Should not have the categories Males/Females, as those categories are for characters and characters only.


Should have the categories: Episodes, Season One (or any other season), Episodes, Unaired (only if the episode hasn't aired yet. You can change/remove the category right after it's been aired), Aired, and Content.


Should have the categories: Locations and Content.


(even though this page hasn't been made yet, considering the series hasn't aired any episodes yet) Can have Character Userboxes, Pairing Userboxes, or just Userboxes and Content

Should not have Characters, Pairings

You guys got it? If you have any questions or any thoughts or anything you want to add, comment below.

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