General Information
Shipped Actors Marie Hartford and Claire Lockhart
Length of Relationship N/A
Status Best Friends

Lockford is the real life pairing of Claire Lockhart and Marie Hartford. They are best friends, and met on the set of Know Your Enemies in 2009.


  • Once, in an interview, Marie interrupted Claire and the interviewer to tell her best friend "I sent you a text message and you never responded."
    • Once she said that, the two walked away, shrieking with laughter.
  • The girls once got coffee together, and posted 50 pictures of their trip on
  • Once, Marie was tweeted by a fan asking "Who is your favorite friend?" and since Claire has a Lumblr but not Tweetbook, she linked to Claire's Lumblr saying "@MarieLFanXX, definitely."
  • When Claire was asked "who is one person you can trust with everything?" in an interview, she responded with "Marie Hartford, Connecticut".
  • When they found out they were co-starring with each other on Kingsley Heights, Marie tweeted "Costarring with my best friend EVER. Are you jealous that I'm on a show with my best friend?" and Claire made 50+ Lumblr posts about it.


  • They own a Lumblr together.
  • It was rumored that they will be best friends on the show, although Claire's character is supposedly a lot different than Marie's.
  • Lockhart and Hartford said that they became best friends in 3+ seconds.
  • Both of them have "hart" in their names.

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