General Information
Shipped Actors Kevin Zuchim and Ellen York
Length of Relationship n/a
Status Friends
Rivals Ellisa
Kellen is the real life pairing of Kevin Zuchim and Ellen York. They are very close friends, and this show will be their fourth time working together.


  • Kevin once tweeted "You know who's awesome? @EllieYork. I love that girl. You should follow her instead of me."
    • The tweet was later revealed to be posted by Ellen, who had stolen Kevin's phone; however, Kevin still hasn't removed it.
  • Their first role together was on Spy Teens, when they played Nia and Nick. However, they were both minor roles.
  • Kevin once starred in an episode of Gridlock, as Ellen's character (Taurus's) love interest. In the blooper reel at the end of the episode, there were a lot of scenes of them stuffing up their dialogue and goofing off.
  • When one of Ellen's followers asked if she was thinking about dating anyone, she replied, saying "No, I'm not. Well maybe, @KevinZuchini. Nah, I think he's too gay best friend to be a boyfriend."
  • It has been rumored that they will play each other's love interests on Kingsley Heights. This will be their fourth time working together, and their third time playing each other's love interests.
  • Ellen tweeted that her and Kevin were in the middle of New York, eating Zuchini bread, while laughing at their names.
  • Ellen told everyone to blame Kevin for an awkward relationship moment between their characters, and Kevin told her not to assemble the fangirls and that she can have her Damien/Leah.
  • Kevin tweeted "With @EllieYork, supposed to be learning lines. Not happening."
  • Kevin tweeted a photo of Ellen York and Lisa D'Angelo (Amanda Heffley) and said he was hanging with two very fun girls.