General Information
Shipped Actors Ellen York and Lisa D'Angelo
Length of Relationship n/a
Status Friends
Rivals Kellen
Ellisa is the friendship pairing of Ellen York and Lisa D'Angelo. They are good friends, and are seen together a lot. Kingsley Heights will be the second show that they have both been apart of, however, it is the first time they will be on a show in the same episodes.


  • They were homeschooled together during 2005-2007, while Ellen lived in LA.
  • They both had minor roles on The Stayover Club, however, not at the same time.
  • Ellen tweeted "Having a wonderful day with one of my best friends @LisaDeAngel. Too bad we can't go near any llamas."
  • Ellen constanty tweets pictures of llamas to Lisa, knowing that she is terrified of them. Lisa tweets back with pictures of spiders.
  • One of the series directors was posting most of the character profiles on their Tweetbook; however, Ellen was the first to post about Lisa's character, Amanda Heffley.
  • They attended the Tween Choice Awards together, and in an interview with TigerPop, Lisa said "Yeah, Ellen was kinda my date, I guess you could say. Well like, not date. But like, award show date. Eh, I give up. It was her or my dog."
  • Ellen re-tweeted a video of Lisa talking about their "date."
  • Lisa tweeted that she enjoyed bullying Ellen's character on Kingsley Heights as revenge for all the llama pictures.

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