Ellen Jane York
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: January 3, 1992
Height: 5'4
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Known for: Taurus on Gridlock
Social Networks: @EllieYork - TweetBook
Aliases: Elle, Ellie
Family & Friends
Family: Danielle York (mother), Harold York (father)
Friends: Kevin Zuchim, Lisa D'Angelo
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: Unknown
Portrays: Leah Carson
Ellen Jane York is an actress, who plays Leah Carson in Kingsley Heights. She is most notably known for her recurring role on Gridlock, as Taurus.


Ellen was born on January 3, 1992, the only child of Harold and Danielle York (nee Flint). In an interview with TigerPop, Ellen revealed that she had taken dance and gymnastics from a very young age, and she'd been doing it so long that she couldn't remember when she started.

Her first acting role was on Seven Minutes in Heaven, as the younger sister of Kimberly Briggs, and she has been in several other roles since then.

Ellen's first singing debut was in Whole School Musical, and while she recorded a soundtrack with the cast for the movie, she has knocked back many offers for recording contracts, saying she would rather stay focused on her acting.


  • Ellen dyed her hair blonde for her role on Gridlock. Her hair is naturally brown and curly.
  • She has a small dog named Biscuit.
  • Ellen has denied rumours of starting a singing career, saying it's not her thing, and that she would prefer to stay focused on her acting.
  • She took dance and gymnastic lessons from a young age, which is used for her character Leah who is also a cheerleader.
  • According to her Tweetbook, her favorite flavor of ice cream is rocky road.
  • She says that Kevin Zuchim is her best guy friend. It is rumored that they will play each other's love interests on the show.



Series Year Notes
Seven Minutes in Heaven 2003 Minor role; Janice Briggs, 4 episodes
The Stayover Club 2003 Minor role; Lin Marquie, 7 episodes
Lightbulb 2005 Guest star; as herself
Gridlock 2007-2010 Recurring role; Taurus, 67 episodes.
When I Met Your Mother 2011 Minor role; Tatianna Dean, 4 episodes.
Kingsley Heights 2012 -

Main role; Leah Carson


Movie Year Notes
Just What I Wanted 2004 Main role; Daisy Cook
Spy Teens 2004 Minor role; Nia. Co-star with Kevin Zuchim
Whole School Musical 2005 Main role; Shani Reid. Co-starring with Kevin Zuchim
Aliens vs. Mutants 2006 Voice role only; baby aliens.
Love Me, Love me Not 2006 Minor role; Kimberly Dayles
Dance Off 2 2007 Minor role; back-up dancer
Gridlock - Lost in Time 2009 TV Movie; main role; Taurus.
High Expectations 2011

Minor role; Lee Davis

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