General Information
Shipped Actors Brad Banes and Natalie Cole
Length of Relationship July 2010-Present
Status Friends
Rivals Natalin
Bradalie is the real life friendship of Brad Banes and Natalie Cole. They first met on the set of Journey to the Abandoned Island last year. They have denied rumors that they are dating.


  • Brad said in an interview that he was "so excited to be working with Nat again."
  • They were seen watching a basketball game together, and whispering things to each other.
  • While at the Teen Choice Awards, they started dancing randomly, with Ellen York.
    • Natalie said that Brad was her date to the award show.
  • Brad was filming an interview at his house, when Natalie walked in and (off camera) asked what he was doing.
    • Brad asked Natalie if she wanted to join him.
  • In an interview promoting Kingsley Heights, Natalie was asked what was next for her character after Damien/Emily fell through, and Natalie said that she wasn't entirely sure, but said that she hoped it would be some scenes with Brad's character, because she thinks the two have perfectly dysfunctional personalities, and that it would be the complete opposite to their real friendship.
  • During a cast interview with some of the main and recurring cast members, Natalie and Brad were sitting together, and Natalie kept interrupting Brad's sentences, and finishing them for him.